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I *think* I am right in saying that Arcadia are the first retailer to oraganise a UK bloggers only event where we got to try on the A/W09 collections and then have a photographer take our pics in a studio set up with props with to take home at the end on a USB stick.  If it's the first, hopefully it won't also be the last.  So tonight after work, and not having had any food, I trooped up to
Arcadia HQ, to the top floor where they had set up an old school
photobooth entrance, rails with all kinds of A/W 09 goodies and suddenly I think food may have left my mind for a bit…

IMG_1026 IMG_1036

Ye cynics will of course say that it is a marketing strategy to get us bloggers to namedrop Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Evans etc….like I just did right there.  And there is no denying that, but the bottom bottom line is it was really, really fun.  Not the 'organised' fun that I had in mind where there'd be awkward silences and people gingerly touching clothes but not actually trying stuff on, but it was actual genuine belly laughing fun.  It did help that I knew some of the press people beforehand but then meeting and re-meeting fashion bloggers was a treat in itself…. names ensue with photos below…

The thing is there aren't actually that many of us British fashion bloggers and when I see other countries having blogger meet'n'greets, I do wonder where are we, the Brits all hiding?  Safe behind the confines of our Macs and Twitter accounts apparently.  I did comment that my weak handshake is a tell tale sign of my internet hibernation habits.  So actually whilst Arcadia made a shrewd marketing move, they also inadvertedly enforced a blogger meetup that needs to happen more often.  

Then there is the fact that so many of us are pretty much pro-Arcadia.  Or specifically Topshop, whose clothes were inevitably gonna get the most wear on the night.  We squealed over the Ashish leopard print wedges (sold out online already apparently), the KTZ statement pieces got loads of 'oohs' and 'aaahs' and big faux fur jackets, studded and riveted pieces and shouldered jackets also got lots of lovin'.

I do realise I'm gushing but beyond the clothes themselves, it was a proper laugh.  We stripped down to our undies in the changing rooms, drank wine, suggested outfits and made silly poses.  Though there was a Topman rail, it was a bit redundant since it was a pretty unashamedly girly affair.  Except the Antony Price for Topman electric blue suit was actually quite popular with the girls.  No strings attached to write about it nor were there press spiels being thrown at you like you.  Enjoy the clothes, take some nicely shot pics of yourself aka a personal style bloggers' weakness and keep the pics.  I don't think I have used the phrase 'in my element' as much as I have
done tonight.  I think people meeting me for the first time might have
thought I was actually a 60-year old trapped inside a gawky 25-year
old's body.  I think I may have also been the embarrassing gal that tried on the most outfits…

I realise a review of a one off event of this nature is a bit pointless but really, with rosy cheeks and a spring in my step, I did want to say a big thanks….

The only slightly dour moment was being told that the Ashish boots are fast selling out and that Emma Cook boots are hitting the stores this weekend. It's all a bit of a wedge boot chase where hopefully I'll emerge victorious…

Of course I have to post the fruits of tonight's err…labour…

_DSC2458 _DSC1868
Claire of Young Shields and Stevie of Discotheque Confusion // Winnie of Diamond Canopy

_DSC2269 _DSC2399
Scarlett Rose of Little Bambi Boots and ??? // Sarah of Or False Glitter and Jeanie of Fat Fashion Assistant

_DSC2198 _DSC1766
Gem Fatale and Michelle of Cheapskate Cheap // Tor of Fab Frocks

If I have forgotten your name….please remind me here on the comments….my brain does know your face but the wine and lack of food has smudged your name a bit…

I posed with many toothy grins and because ppl kept making me laff…

Have established that I'm basically gonna be wearing a LOT of KTZ this season…




Couldn't get over that this Lanvin-esque cuff was from Evans…


(Both dresses above and leggings below all KTZ)

Wearing a very pretty lace Topshop dress and strumming a very fake painted white guitar… I believe I was singing Bon Jove's Living on a Prayer…



Strangley rather loved this one-shouldered green velvet romper suit… the white mannequin arm is coming to give me a slap for grinning so much…



This jacket had such an amazing shape to it and really needs to be zipped up at all times to retain that structure…



Liz, the press officer and Zoe from Topshop's Inside Out blog showing off Antony Price's suit for Topman and also teaching me how to do a good jump…


One to finish the night off…


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  1. SO many gorgeous pieces!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace dress! Wonder when that’s out! And you look so gorgeous in the velvet playsuit! 🙂
    PS. Did you perchance spot a pair of sequinned harem pants! I spotted it in Topshop’s ad campaign, and am crossing my fingers I come across it online (doubt it).

  2. I was invited but I had to skip it due to working on fashion credits for an irish mag, lots to do still :S
    Glad you guys had soooo much fun, next time I’ll def go.

  3. Tonight was so much fun! We should definitely have more blogger meet and greets. We’re all such awkward brits… speaking for me mostly!

  4. Oh I missed you! I left around 6 after trying on a few things. I wanted to try on that pink chiffon dress with black lace but it wasn’t my size. It was so much fun to try on everything though! The Ashish wedges are pretty special, I think they were the first thing I grabbed to get in the changing booth!
    Also the structured jacket was one of my picks (too small) I really want it in my size to wear as a dress.
    The KTZ pieces were definitely the best surprise though, I remember swooning over them at LFW in February, as I am sure you did too!
    I love the group photo, it is so cute!

  5. I am in love with the lace dress and can’t wait to get it. Lovely photos, it looks like you had a great time!

  6. Tonight was fun. I will post my photos tommorow morning. I saw the group photo with me standing at the back. Count on me to close my eyes LOL

  7. Fab event Susie. Loving your photos! Great to finally meet you with my big white shoulders ;] Glad you had so much fun. R x

  8. Next to Jeanie of Fat Fashion Assistant is the lovely Sarah of Or False Glitter
    Looks like a fun event! xxx

  9. That looks like the best and most fun marketing/promotional ploy ever! Love the open studded tights and the leopard shoes Susie!

  10. It was very, very strange to be in a room full of bloggers today, I loved it! It was fantastic meeting you and all the other bloggers and it turned out to be a much more fun affair than I initially thought it would be! I’m so glad I made the trip all the way from Brum!
    The Ashish boots were pretty amazing. Hope you manage to get yourself a pair of those Zebra print Emma Cooks too!

  11. The green velvet jumpsuit is topshop?
    I was just saying the other day how much I don’t like one-shouldered clothes. But I think I really un-hate that.

  12. oh what a looovely, inspiring post!!.. I for one am wishing I was prolific enough to go!
    marvelous idea, and very cute pics xx

  13. Little to no eloquence in this comment:
    Do those leggings/pants have studs?!?! Oh shit, I need those..badly. Topshop? Or no? I need them..rruarhg.
    And that peach/lace Topshop dress is so pretty…let me see if I can spot it at the stores when I’m there soon! 🙂

  14. Cutest pictures ever! I hope you buy the green velvet romper. (And I feel I should kill myself for not buying the red fur when it was up on the US website.)

  15. I’m totally after those Ashish leopard print boots, I do hope that they haven’t sold out JUST yet… although there really is no way of me getting them anyways.
    Glad to see that you had a fun time, even on an empty tummy! I’m never a happy camper if there’s no food around. They got some great shots of all of you, I love that yours are all so smiley and fun. Lovely photos, you always look great on camera!!

  16. Ah I was so gutted I couldn’t go to this. Getting Barry to dog sit whilst I jaunt to London later in September is cheeky enough so I couldn’t ask him to do this week too.
    I got the Ashish wedges in zebra! I didn’t fancy the leopard or the plain black ones at all. Everything here just looks amazing. Is that more sequined leggings I spot??

  17. hehe, it looks like so muhc fun! and you should totally get htese Ashish leopard print boots if haven´t done so yet, bcs they look amazing on you!
    love, Tereza*

  18. If the Arcadia marketing team’s objective was to make us smile…then, TICK! Bubbles, you need to smile more often, you have a beautiful and infectious smile (as do your comrades).
    More retailers need to be embracing this kind of ‘experience’…but where the Brits lead the rest will follow.

    Sigh, I wish there were similar events here in Belgium! Seems so fabulous… and all those great clothes! *_*

  20. Haha, fantastic pics, love the last one!
    The romper looks lovely on you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in *gasp* ONE LAYER! 🙂
    It was a pleasure to meet you, albeit briefly! It was a great night but its fair to say I abused the free wine!
    You’re right, there does need to be more blogger socialising, and, if you don’t mind my suggestion, I think if anyone could successfully instigate it, it would to be you!
    Gem x

  21. Okay, I retract any negative commentary I’ve made about Topshop recently. I don’t think I’ve loved anything I’ve seen recently as much as I do that outfit of the lace dress and the studded cut-out leggings. Maybe it’s the poignancy of having no money that makes everything look so good, but I really want to do a Lanvin-esque Autumn thing in that velvet jumpsuit.
    Looks like an amazing event. I am definitely blagging my way in if they do it for Spring.

  22. I love these Dress, There are lot of cloth collection.
    There are fancy cloths I like so much.

  23. I didn’t want to leave without the Ashish wedges last night. *sigh*
    I’m praying that they don’t sell out before i nab them.
    Was a great evening of fun indeed – shame I missed you!

  24. The more I look at everyone’s pics of those Ashish booties the more I want them; to topshop!
    It was lovely to (very briefly!) meet you last night, the evening was the best fun!
    Tor x

  25. TopShop are so jubbly. looks like you had a fandabby time susie and the pictures are wow you look so pretty!
    Tomorrow x

  26. Such a great night last night! The wine was flowing and the clothes were flying… just the way I like it. Was lovely to meet you Susie, and the rest of the bloggers too, everyone was so lovely. Definitely need more of these blogging get togethers. Here’s to the next one!
    Emily xx

  27. I really have to say…it feels as if this has become more & more of a self-indulgent blog over the past year…Actually cannot remember a post of interest? Whether it’s meant or not, it is apparent. It’s become more of a susie documentary, which to be honest is fair enough…there is actually nothing really wrong with that…but initially it didn’t feel as if you were doing this to appease a cult following? Sorry to heap more of my ‘negativity’ on you…but when I click on my RSS feed I’m expecting nothing of interest, which never used to be the case dude! You’re probably thinking, well F off and read something else…just seems you’re taking a more deliberate path toward mass approval. Obviously circumstances change, which alters perceptions…but I never envisaged this becoming more about you and the life you lead, rather than about what’s going on out there. Or is it simply about attracting further advertisement…hmmm

  28. This is so cool, susie. Great post 🙂 I’ve never (yet) been to a blogger meet but this totally makes me want to go to one!
    The collection is gorgeous, too!
    xox, mavi

  29. Moi: Actually it is a fair point you make and I’ve already addressed this in the past that quite simply, my time is not my own anymore… it is more about me because I don’t have the time to seek something else… or if I have done, obviously content consideration goes to DazedDigital….
    But it was always very very self-indulgent…. and I only JUST have enough time to write about what is going on in my life… It isn’t about altering perceptions or pleasing the masses….who knows what the masses want? I certainly don’t have a clue…
    It really is down to time and energy… and err trying to have a life beyond blogging….I would say writing from personal experience is the easiest way of writing for me hence why more text comes from that…
    My energies are spent elsewhere… and that’s the way I have to roll right now… I can’t be held accountable for whether or not my blog is interesting to certain ppl or not…. I know you have a certain kind of taste and that’s fair enough but right now, it’s a matter of trying to keep the blog afloat and if content suffers then so be it…
    No harm man! I’d actually would like to put it out there because I’m interested to know and of course open to criticism…

  30. Your blog’s fine dude. The posts are varied and interesting. As you say, you can’t please everyone, and you have life away from the computer.

  31. Just read that comment, and although I can see what they’re getting at, but I’m just impressed you have time to work the requisite long hours at Dazed and still manage to update the blog. A lot of people would have just quit their blog or only updated once a week.
    I often wonder when you sleep!

  32. well that’s fair enough, that’s what I meant regarding circumstances & I wouldn’t personally have the time nor energy to do a blog for a week, let alone years. I do have a refined taste & can only stomach so many ‘girly’ things at one time before I feel the need to rediscover my masculinity…but I don’t feel it was self-indulgence initially (only you know I guess)…felt more like you were exploiting a channel to communicate and share. Now it feels more like a day-to-day episode of Bubble land. I say screw content consideration to Dazed & embark on your own thing…the Blog was more interesting than Dazed ever was anyway!!!!

  33. ^It’s hard to also compare to the blog three years ago as my tastes have also changed….I dunno…it’s hard to analyse without looking back at archives and just completely regressing…
    Anyhow…. the point is, what you suggested isn’t possible…. I’ve got to eat, pay a rent, innit!

  34. Hi, Susie: I, too, have noticed a change in your blog since I started reading it a few years ago — but you know what? I really don’t think it’s a problem, and your response to poster “moi” was perfectly apt. Your life has changed, some of it because of the blog, and in order to keep the blog going, you’ve wound up writing about some more Susie-focused things (including things that are a result of becoming a blog-star). I, for one, continue to be interested in what you do, and continue to read SB with enthusiasm. Your life, your blog. F’reals.

  35. pay rent? that’s what the BF is for =) but yes bled, I can see the conundrum! Still…your intellectual property may be better utilized within your on set-up with greater financial gaaaaain. I think you could pull something off that nobody else has…charging to view online content. Worth a pop anyway…DD, 156 & Pony all lack that special ingredient of feeling connected. No other site or blog can acclaim to the degree of interaction you’ve acquired…

  36. ^Hah! Not when I’m hankering after pretty Georgian flats in Amwell Street…
    My intellectual property? I’ve been through times of thinking I have none…
    Self-employment scares the bejesus out of me….seeing my dad going up and down the rollercoaster of financial fortune has basically convinced me that longterm employment is gooooood… I’m not a risk taker in that respect…
    Thanks though for your suggestions… and I’m sorry I’m losing one reader for reasons that I fully realise myself… I’m just hoping there aren’t masses that feel the same way… oh well, you win some, you lose some? Or some such cheesy sentiment…

  37. Amazing post. Everybody’s outfit is amazing, who chosed them?..
    I’m linking you, really enjoy reading your blog.

  38. Firstly, good to hear you were singing Bon Jovi with that guitar. A very fine choice of song in my book INDEED.
    Secondly, yeah, I guess blogs change and it’s a bit of a shame that people lose interest and all. I still find it interesting, obv it is tricky to share with your job at dazed and that.
    The other thing that struck me (because I do LOOOVE to overanalyse [almost as much as i love to over punctuate/capitalize]) was about fashion insider-iness. I wondered what your definition of a fashion insider was, for you to define yourself as a ‘fashion outsider’… This isn’t a criticism. From my perspective you work in the industry, are featured in magazines like Elle and Grazia and receive invites to press do’s… I know you perhaps didn’t get these opps the established way (as far as I know you’re not related to Geldof – it’s your enthusiasm and hard work) but to me it seems like you are a bit of an insider now.

  39. I guess i do need to change the description of the blog in Typepad because as you said, strictly speaking I do work in the ‘industry’ but to be pedantic and fussy, I would say that though I attend shows, press dos etc etc, I don’t necessarily feel comfortable there… because I’ve had a funny route into the ‘industry’ (I feel quotation marks are needed because it sounds funny to just use that word regularly…), more often than not, i don’t feel like I should be there…. I think the first time I did the whole fashion week, I had a bit of a mental breakdown in the middle of it and was crying like a baby on Pont Alma… but yes, strictly speaking I am and I will promptly change the description…

  40. Oh wow. I get so jealous. I really enjoyed how much energy there seemed to be from shot to shot. Lucky one!

  41. LOVE the smiles! Looks like so much fun..
    I can’t imagine ever being ‘cool’ enough to be invited to such a thing, ha 🙂
    And er….not that my 2 cents matter, but I actually prefer posts which are more personal and about what you’re getting up to. Susie outfit posts are by far my fave and I’ll always give these more time and read through the comments.

  42. I had so much fun! It was so lovely to meet you doll, your photo’s look fab!
    Scarlett Rose.

  43. I’m in the last picture! I’m the girl with the black bow in her hair. Wow, does this make me famous now? 🙂
    Was lovely to meet you, Susie!

  44. Last night was FuN EVEN though i look like a crazy grey sequined nutcase
    and ps to the other comment everyone and everything changes blogs need to be personal if not were just re writing press releases which is tad bit dull no?

  45. I got invited to this but couldn’t make it – it does look funnn (though I’d have to be plied with much vino before willingly posing for a pic) I’ll get you next time Bubble!

  46. I’m pretty late on the comment front but it was lovely to meet you on Wednesday! I hit the wine way to hard (dying of embarassment the next day), but really glad to see everyone xx

  47. Everything (!!) is amazing – the people, the outfits, the expressions! I especially love the velvet romper.

  48. I love your topshop lace dress with cool pants? You didn’t say where or who the pants with studs and cutout around the knee is from? Those are amazing! Looks like you had a great time!

  49. Thanks for all bloggers checking in and leaving comments and YES we must do it more often but sadly I’m rubbish at organising meet-ups so I’ll leave that task to more capable hands….
    And if people feel the blog has changed, of course they are welcome to say so and voice their concerns… I do share the same sentiments (ish) as Moi but sadly my hands are tied and there’s nothing to do but to plod on…
    Nalini: I did say the leggings were from KTZ in the post…sorry for not being clear!

  50. Aww you look like you had a lot of fun! Hopefully, you remembered to eat after. 😀

  51. you are definitely selling those ashish in those photos!! can’t wait for the shipment!
    you totally rock in the last photo.xx

  52. I love that entire outfit with the earmuffs!
    I agree with Isabelle, I don’t know how you find the time to post so much. I really struggle writing in my blog and working full time, going to the gym, having a social life (as my long gaps between posting will show)

  53. i just flicked past the to and fro with ‘moi’ and it kind of suprised me because at lest a few years ago, the blog seemed even more personal, and documented all your shopping spress, diys, outfit experiments. maybe then it because more documentary to cover all the information you now have access too and almost your responsibility to showcase new designers, as many blogs are now being given. but i love the more personal posts coming back, your blog is about your style bubble, not a non-personal account of the fashion world. i love this post!! i love hearing what you are doing and thinking. maybe readers from a looong time ago will remember it was first a very personal blog (god i’ve probably read for about 3 years now!!). i wish i could have made this day, if only it was a week earlier!

  54. I’m with Selina-I much prefer personal posts. It reminds me of when you first started even though the blog has evolved(?).
    I soo wish I was there, it looked like it was such a laugh.

  55. OK for anyone who’s been waiting for Emma Cook’s new boots to come out, they just arrived today (Sept 2) and are now available in the online shop. The sizes are still complete.

  56. I was very impressed when I got the invitation to attend: shame I was in New York…it is interesting how a tipping point seems to have been reached between publicists & bloggers tho. In 2007 you cldn’t get a PR to open an email from a blogger, let alone SPEAK to you…LLGxx

  57. BTW just caught on the thread above: blogs by their very nature ARE self-indulgent. So Moi is kind of missing the point. LLGxx

  58. Such cute pictures of you Susie! I especially love the ones with the white guitar.
    And your blog is great. To me the best part has always been those pics of you and your imaginative and inspirational outfits!

  59. Susie, I think your blog is amazing. I definitely don’t think you are overly self-indulgent – to me it seems like you have a greater number of posts that are informative rather than personal. And it seriously blows my mind how often you post! Sometimes I am too busy to even read blogs and I will go a week without checking in, only to find an INSANE amount of posts to catch up on. You are such an inspiration! And let me just say that I am not one of those people that posts mindless “I love you, you are so awesome blah blah” posts on blogs…I really can’t stand most blogs and most bloggers. I only read StyleBubble and Luxirare on a regular basis. I would much rather read your blog than the Sartorialist! Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm, it is really evident.

  60. i am Glad to see that you had a fun time, even on an empty tummy! I’m never a happy camper if there’s no food around. Because i love food.

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