You Knew It Was Coming

Come on!  I posted that excerpt from Cheap Chic about wearing a grey sweatshirt everywhere and you DIDN'T expect me to follow suit?  Grey…sweatshirt… soft…marl… it was all too tempting (and blindingly obvious) for me to take Terry Melville's lead and find my grey sweatshirt and quite literally live in it.  I grabbed this in Uniqlo and declared it to be my "long haul flight", "curling up with crappy Philippa Gregory books" and "vegging out with pizza and tea" sweatshirt.  Then of course, I wouldn't really be faithful to Ms. Melville's theory that it can be dressed up, worn out and taken out of its vegging out context.  In light of a recent commentor's criticism over the blog's diversion into personal posts, I would like to somewhat swerve this post's context towards a more informative direction and say that  Uniqlo has once again come up with a neat bargainous basic that I think I'll need in both shades of grey (yes, there are two shades… someone up there is hearing my grey fixation pleas…).  The cuffs and waistband are the perfect thickness and width (as in overly thick…) and there's the classic v-patch at the crewneck.  Granted, uniform shops would also serve people well for this Cheap Chic book tip but at least I don't think they'd come in this particlar shade of grey marl…

Shed the PVC skirt/fringe/stockings/wedges and I'm all set for pizza (preferably the huge rectangular ones from Firezza…)

DSC_2408 DSC_2404
(Yookoo pom pom headbands, vintage fringe skirt, Topshop layered hold-ups, Acne wedges)

DSC_2375 DSC_2376
(Jennifer Loiselle headband, eBay pink PVC skirt, Preen leather trousers, Miu Miu shoes)

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  1. So jealous of those Acne wedges, how I wish I could afford such a pair…I really like the purple hold ups you styled it with. I definitely like it when your blog gets a bit more personal, and we see the face behind it a bit more. You seem like a fun and interesting person, and as much as I like your informative posts, a blog is so much more than just that.

  2. Uniqlo is fantastic for sloppy pizza eating sweaters!! However here you manage to make it look so much more than that.
    Ditto envy of Acne wedges i much preferred these to the metallic version and they look just how i imagined them to be, i’m away to console myself with a strong cup of nambarrie

  3. I love this post, but in particular, I am interested in your review of the Acne wedges. I am a HUGE fan of platforms, and Acne, I was in the Acne store in NY and they had them, but they looked so high! How is the walking around on concrete? Do you have to watch where you walk and take baby steps? Or are they only for posing, riding in taxis, and standing around or sitting at a desk? Do you walk around in flats and switch into these when you arrive at your destination?

  4. Acne makes the best stuff, and those wedges are totally no exception. Great look, and I think the casual blends wonderfully with the bright and vibrant pink.

  5. I love your style. The first outfit is my fave of the two. (^_^) I don’t think I’ll end up following the grey sweatshirt trend but you’ve certainly got me thinking about it. x

  6. Grey marl is the best, but I cut mine into crop sweatshirt and it’s getting way less wear than I’d want it to… your outfit combos are so ‘why didn’t I think of that’. Just read your feature in ELLE btw, very happy to see a full-on article like that of you, so deserved.

  7. Delightful and inspiring as always!
    Uniglo does such a great job with basics, I would like to visit their menswear dept before winter, but I’m afraid that it’s not going to happen. No Uniglo in Helsinki…

  8. ohh.. adding to the cries of ‘jealousssss’. i love those acne wedges SO MUCH. if only they didnt cost the same as a month’s rent..

  9. ugh, those miu miu platforms are my favorite shoes ever, everytime you wear them, i do an ebay search. lol.
    love grey marl.

  10. Those purple hold ups are astouding. But really, for a simple girl like me, the best part of the outfit IS the grey sweatshirt. Sweatshirt + leggings/tights = love.
    Question: do they sell those purple holdups on Topshop’s online store? Because I recently was there and didn’t see any. Any reason why?

  11. I see these Acne wedges on a lot of girls these days, might be cause I live in Sweden and they are kind of easy to get hold of her.
    I really like the design and the silver line on them, but the girls I spotted wearing´em walk so so weird in them, like they can´t walk in heels or are in extremely pain.

  12. I have bought the same uniqlo sweatshirt and I love the way it wear with all the color! Now that I saw it! I will try to spice my sweatshirt up!

  13. Andrea: I’ve only literally just got them and haven’t ventured out in them because uh-oh, I’m frickin’ ill A-gain… BUT I did wear them home from work and they felt pretty comfy to me….
    Though I don’t have huge distances to walk to bus stops etc…
    Carina: I bought my hold-ups (they come in purple, nude, black and navy…) in-store in Oxford Circus…. perhaps they only stock them in-store?
    C: I’m not surprised they’re so popular…. they are pretty high but with the wedge, they are quite stable… hmmmmm…London pavement is treating my feet ok at the mo…I’ll give them a full out run and then assess….

  14. they have really yummy grey marl grandad style tops in the NW3 collection at hobbs just now that you would enjoy. nice’n’wolly xx

  15. So cool, and I see you have the Acne’s that everyone’s obsessing about. You are the only one I’ve seen make them look interesting though:)
    Actually, the Miu Miu’s are even better I think:)

  16. If only we could see Terry’s reaction to pink pvc and pom-poms! Sure she would love it with her bow tie, just so 😉
    Love these outfits! Ive been wishing for it to cool down enough for leather trousers, and you can never go wrong with an old grey marl sweater!!

  17. That sweatshirt looks snuggly. 🙂 And very versatile.
    Love those Miu Miu shoes! They look fabulous.
    Florrie x

  18. love those pom poms in your hair! susie you never cease to surprise me! i love the tights with the laceups!
    <3 The Voguette

  19. I got the black/brown atacomas too and I’m borderline obsessed with them. The color combo is so good. They are creeping up on my mesh&lace Emma Cooks as my favorite shoes.
    The outfits look surprisingly cute with the sweatshirt, and comfy too! Really jealous of your leather trousers, I’ve been wanting a pair for months. Its just too hot here to justify buying a pair 🙁 I love how you paired the softsoft sweatshirt material with pvc & leather. Yum.

  20. I love this 🙂
    Just wondering what size you bought the sweatshirt in because I’d like to know what size to buy?

  21. I’m loving the Miu Miu shoes…and I thought that sweatshirt looked familiar only then realising that it is a member of my own wardrobe!
    I got it a few weeks back and I find it impossible to take off. Everything about it is perfect: colour, texture, cut. The grey is my favourite but I think I’ll go back for more!

  22. The Yokoo pompoms are so adorable; wish I could pull those off. And of course, everyone and their mother drools over those Acne wedges. A must for your cobblestoney streets in London!

  23. Oh, how I wish we had Uniqlo here, love their simple pieces, and LOVE grey marle sweatshirts! 🙂 The pink headband’s just too cute! And *sigh* those wedges…*drool*

  24. I love your posts that are more personal–they are very entertaining, and make me think that you would be such fun to hang out with and talk shoes! As much as I am a fan of “The Sartorialist” blog, I enjoy yours more for the personality you bring to it.
    I visited Uniqlo for the first time in NY this summer and fell in love with their high quality cotton basics, unfortunately, I don’t live in New York, or anywhere that has a Uniqlo. Where did your leather pants come from? The one thing I’m lusting after this fall is a pair of skinny leather leggings/pants!

  25. The grey sweatshirt is one new-old style I can totally get into. I love what your paired it with!

  26. I used to work at a t-shirt printers, I know exactly what you mean by ‘two different grays’ good lord, there’s oxford gray and ash gray and athletic gray and charcoal gray.

  27. I love your second outfit, the leather pants are great! Also read the interview with you in the latest Elle UK. It’s so fun to read about you and your thoughts and then following your blog. It shows much more of you! And you’re such a brave girl that you wear wathever you want.

  28. I am searching for the perfect grey sweater since Victoria Beckham wore one last year. Haven’t found one without a print yet.

  29. you have an amazing style.
    i’m selling some stuff
    check my blog:

  30. your such a genious susie this works so well. lovely lovely outfits. May try it myself!
    Tomorrow x

  31. susie bubble, how do the sizes run for the sweatshirt? for example, if I am a woman’s S, do you think I should get a smaller size?

  32. Love the Acne wedges and the hair band! Finally I saw the article about you in Elle U.K.!
    198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion and Architecture:

  33. Love the pompon headband – wish I could
    get some for the store! I will check out the link. ps bring as much personal stuff into the blog you want to – fashion + personality is one of the most beautiful things!

  34. I love a grey sweatshirt with everything! my current favorite is AA men’s raglan 50/50 size L…nice, slouchy, and looks like a sweatshirt but actually very lightweight

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