Hallow’s Eve

>> I could have assumed a blase/cynical attitude towards Halloween and brandish it with a "Pah!  It's just a consumerist holiday to stimulate the economy…" brush-off.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was super excited to be in New York for Halloween for the very first time and despite being completely unfamiliar with New York Halloween etiquette, being given the opp to host a party at Tribeca Grand.

Sadly though, my excitement did not extend towards the costuming.  I kept thinking about that truly salient point brought up in Mean Girls where it was observed that Halloween is simply a good excuse to dress like a slut.  I definitely didn't want to go down the slut route, which the costume dept at Ricky's was pointing towards.  My dream costume really would have been a lush and super soft adult version of something like this… (major sadness occurred at Opening Ceremony where I fell hard for faux fur…)…


Unfortunately with a distinct lack of budget, I had to look to what I brought with me as well as Ricky's for make-up/hair support… in the end, I wore something that was not so much a costume but an outfit that I would easily wear out and about in London.  It was a surfer/tribal hybrid that the Proenza Schouler boys and Balenciaga have instilled in me … and then physically inspired by the neoprene shorts I got at Oak for $40 and then supported by the New Look prototype body and some Michael Angel leggings that were in my suitcase.  I added some Ziggy Stardust-esque shoes (brought at Beacon's Closet for $20) for a bit of genre randomising and just ended up confusing the issue further.  Definitely a Halloween costume rookie here.  Will get onto planning the animal suit for next year to prevent further Halloween mishaps.


IMG_0491 IMG_0481


(Still in love with the bathroom wallpaper at Soho Grand…)

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  1. love your hair? how did you do it?
    ive got black hair as well and colours never show up in my hair 🙁

  2. You look like some sort of radical space princess. I love it! Those are the coolest shoes I think I’ve ever seen.

  3. I threw a costume together at the last minute too, as long as you have face paint it usually ends up ok. You look like a superhero!

  4. goodness me. how good is that wallpaper!!! i could stand there and fill them in with coloured markers all night!

  5. Seriously, that hair! I’m soooo into that hair!
    Cute space girl, not rooky at all…at least you went out though… I was jet lagged and just went to bed!

  6. You look adorable! I’m jealous you were in NYC for Halloween. It’s the best place to be. Love the wallpaper too:)

  7. Your leggings are amazing. You look a bit like an underwater scuba princess, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s the neon yellow. 🙂

  8. Fabulous outfit and, frankly better than the lunatic ho outfits so many NYers sport. But you might want to think carefully about wearing a furry/hie outfit over here!

  9. ho Susie your outfit is so incredible!!!
    also I jump out of my chair when i saw the wallpaper, i have the exact same pattern on one of my pair of tights!!!!!!
    you can see it here:

  10. Love the leggings and makeup – I’m feeling like this could be an amazing inspiration for photo shoot make-up!!
    I hope you had a fun time!

  11. The slutty route is never a funny one. I love your neon makeup, if I had just the eye shadows and matrial suitable for it I would make and do that everytime I went out.
    If I ever find a loster costume I will deffo wear it at halloween

  12. fannnnnnnnnnnnnntastic blog and you are fannnnnnnnnnnntastic as well. Somebody sent me this and i have to say it’s totally inspiring, one of the best i’ve seen.
    Luis x

  13. To the question “what are you supposed to be?” I would answer “I am awesome :)” if I were you.

  14. Amazing costume!!!!
    so have the got to keep that sample then or you bleeding it for all its worth?

  15. Those tights are fabulous! A great stand-out outfit – I’m very jealous I didn’t think of something like this for my Trick or Treat duties.

  16. Your style is Bazonkerz, love it so much. You shoulda wore this to the McQueen show you went to, you could’ve walked the runway with them. I did a post about that show.

  17. Love it, only you could look so stylish on Halloween:)!!

  18. Susie!
    I am in love for that look…it is so modern and so cool!!!
    Your best outfit post ever!
    I just love, I know it is for the party, but I love that even for real life!
    Many kisses,

  19. susie, dressing up? never!!!!
    love it! You look amazing and your tights are amazing!
    Unfortunately I was plonked in a restaurant with a handful of my mums old uni friends and there screaming younger kids and absolutely nobody with anything interesting to look at displayed upon their heads which made my feeble attempt at a sequin beret and furry earmuffs from primark look as though I had gone to the trouble of having my face replanted just so that I could look good for one evening! (which I did not, I must hasten to add)…
    One day I shall stop talking to myself in comments on other peoples blogs!
    …and so therefore there was no time for dressing up as neither the corpse bride or a fairy because I was eating battered squid!x

  20. You look amazing! I love that you really would wear it out and about back home. I the Michael Angel leggings everytime you wear them.

  21. want cute but not sexy? that’s where you look to Asian stuff.
    with a pair of furry pants, these could work:
    cat: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/dodostyle-set-cat-ear-hooded-jacket-mittens-ivory-one-size/info.html/pid.1021394769
    animal with round ears: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/yumi-fleece-hooded-jacket-cream-one-size/info.html/pid.1021505992

  22. Were you in Williamsburg Saturday around brunch? I saw someone that looked just like you, but thought, “nah, she lives in London.”

  23. Laia: Soz!!! Should have hit you up on Twitter but was err… for once, NOT interested in going online!
    Maru: Yup, that was me! i had brunch at Egg!
    Tomorrow: Bah…. Halloween is not THAT big a deal in the UK…. i wouldn’t have bothered doing anything if i was in London!

  24. LOVE the Soho Grand – great hotel and really comfy, gorgeous linen on the beds aswell. Always stay there when I’m in New York.

  25. Aww, I should’ve said hello! We also ate at Egg–right after hitting the APC sale.
    I wasn’t sure it was you because your outfit was more subdued than what I normally see on the blog, hehe.

  26. ^ Yeah I bought some pretty basic things with me to the States… put that to last minute packing!

  27. ha ha, thanx for replying to the comment susie but I did really want to go to a halloween party would have had such fun making a costume! I wanted to paint myself head to toe in green! anyway love your look and on the tube home from the restaurant all the outfits were really boys in masks and girls in tutus (or were they thongs? – they were so short one never can tell!) I was going to take some pictures but it was just really not worth it!

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