Going the Extra Milo


If I had fashion tunnel-vision, I suspect this blog would have run its course yonks ago (it’s almost been FOUR years peeps…).  By that I mean, that if I was going to be a stubborn cow and being a stick-in-the-mud about certain genres of fashion, I really wouldn’t have a lot to ponder at all.  

Jasmine di Milo is one of those labels that whilst is on the outer-periphery of my brain, isn’t really something I’ve ever considered writing about.  I see it in shops, on Net-a-Porter but since the hoo-ha of the label’s launch and all of that predictably blown-up press about the AL Fayed connections, it’s just sort of quietly chugged and grinded along and seeing as it’s a label that has passed me by pretty much completely, happing upon it in person made it all the better.  I got to grips with it in person at a press day and so I started stroking my chin (quite literally…) and nodding my head, going “Hey this is ACTUALLY… rather… LOVELY!”

IMG_0613 IMG_0614

IMG_0619 IMG_0620

IMG_0627 IMG_0630

IMG_0629 IMG_0631

It could be I’ve hit upon a particularly ramped-up season.  I’ll have to wait and see but this JdM S/S 10 collection “Say it With Your Mouth Shut” is all of those things that the season is expectedly serving up and a little bit more.  Actually, in the instances of some of the pieces, a lot, lot more.  So there are those pre-requisite pastels/dusky subdued colours but with some detailing that would probably have passed me by had I only just seen the lookbook… the hook and eye fastenings that are more decorative than functional…the zig zag embroidery in the one shouldered dresses…the faint figure outline print on the trousers…

There’s a a deft way with fabric selection and overall finish to all the pieces which explains the price bracket somewhat and whilst I’m probably the least likely JdM customer (if the celebrity clientale is anything to go by…) hopefully I’ll be struck by a similar head-nodding, chin-stroking action in the future…











Meringue Heads Up


>>So apparently the push buttons on the Roksanda Ilincic for Whistles dresses are reminding people of anything from security tags to macaroons and if it is the case that edible-looking creations are what some of you crave because there is a bit of a blurring somewhere between the patisserie and the clothes boutique, then these hats by Ashley Cheeks of It's Ok My Dear (Etsy link and her website) might be the ticket. 

In actual fact, only the pink one is actually reminiscent of a blush pink meringue and Cheeks actually calls it a soufle headpiece, but I'm more of a meringue person than a soufle (all that RISing expectations for not a lot in taste IMO…).  It's the softness of the bow shapes and perhaps the slightly faded colours of the images that are making me think that if you were going to wear one of these headpieces, that a pile of cupcakes, meringues, macaroons etc in front of you wouldn't go amiss…



So I'll take that as a nodding and affirmative yes?


Tag Me


>> Last time I encountered Hungarian designer Adel Kovacs, it was a Freaky Friday moment where I had come in dressing in sheer black and nude and then her very conveniently sheer black and nude collection landed in my emails…

Ok, maybe not such a shocker of a coincident.  Hows this then?  I write about Roksanda Ilincic for Whistles new collection and the ever-opinionated (but lovable…!) EJ of Style Salvage leaves a comment about the push button dresses reminding her of security tags, what pops into my inbox on this very Friday?  Adel Kovacs' new collection for her label Love Carpet that is again nude and black but what is that you spy on this showpiece dress?  Dozens of security tags… the type that I think are still in use by some clothing stores.  Me thinks it's trying to cleverly say "Hey yall can't steal me!"  (don't ask me where the 'yall' came from…).  Paired with the flared out beige raincoat, I'm quite taken with the tag additions…

The main point is though, what is up with these Adel-Kovacs, nude and black, coincidences eh?   



“Number 6…”

>> Narrating was totally MY schtick.  I can't act.  I can't express myself with fluid dance movements.  I wasn't a Glee-esque show-woman in terms of singing.  But I can neatly don my school uniform, sit quietly, narrate from a script in measured tones and basically do as I'm told.  Save for the time I wore a top hat and sang Berlington Bertie when I was ten or when I was the school nativity ladybird (don't ask… think Love Actually nativity scenario…), I've ALWAYS been the narrator in school productions, plays and assemblies etc.  Narrator = not a completely duff and rubbish part and by no means a BIT part but definitely not very exciting or particularly eye-catching.  A metaphor for my own quiet yet not invisible ways…

So, I'm thinking after seeing this latest Martin Margiela Artisinal S/S 10 presentation vid…I too could try my hand at announcing "Passage Number 6…Chloe is wearing a cocktail jacket and pearl pants…"  I'll need to perfect that slightly clipped half-English, half-French cross-channel accent though…