“Number 6…”

>> Narrating was totally MY schtick.  I can't act.  I can't express myself with fluid dance movements.  I wasn't a Glee-esque show-woman in terms of singing.  But I can neatly don my school uniform, sit quietly, narrate from a script in measured tones and basically do as I'm told.  Save for the time I wore a top hat and sang Berlington Bertie when I was ten or when I was the school nativity ladybird (don't ask… think Love Actually nativity scenario…), I've ALWAYS been the narrator in school productions, plays and assemblies etc.  Narrator = not a completely duff and rubbish part and by no means a BIT part but definitely not very exciting or particularly eye-catching.  A metaphor for my own quiet yet not invisible ways…

So, I'm thinking after seeing this latest Martin Margiela Artisinal S/S 10 presentation vid…I too could try my hand at announcing "Passage Number 6…Chloe is wearing a cocktail jacket and pearl pants…"  I'll need to perfect that slightly clipped half-English, half-French cross-channel accent though…

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  1. something about that voice/tone/speaking tempo is hilarious. can’t wait to see all of the margiela presentation pictures, the ones I’ve seen so far are amazing. still weird though to have a maison martin magiela without mr. margiela

  2. I am a school-play narrator too, hah. I always liked it – the storyteller is IN CHARGE!
    Definitely gonna have to keep my eye open for design presentation V.O. work..
    (Am I SEEING the american-style ‘pearl pants’, or are they english-style pants and hidden away under the jacket? I do not know.)

  3. I never got to narrate, being quite dyslexic held me back at school however I was once the donkey in the Nativity play – my 15 15 minutes! Peter Jensen has the ultimate cross-channel accent, it’s completely adorable.

  4. HI!! SUSIE !!
    LUV YA :)!!

  5. Beautiful presentation and love the narration-very amusing though
    I would have been afraid of giggling out loud, maybe it’s the voice…

  6. is there a recording of this somewhere? it would make an awesome soundtrack for when i’m hit with insomnia…

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