Sexy Fuddy Duddy

If I was going to review the Prada A/W 10-11 collection in a sensible and intelligent manner, I might make commentary on the the relationship between Miuccia's off-kilter/unpredictable sensibility and sex, the uneasy coexistence they share in Prada's melting pot but somehow, they managed to make peace with one another for a collection that retrogaded without being burdened too much by the past.  

Instead though, I'm going to tell you a secret that will make you guffaw to no end.  I'm going to tell you about how I was deeply unhappy at the age of 15-16 with my 'fried egg' flat chest. Despite any 'alternative/indie' notions that I thought I had in my head, at the end of the day, I confomrmed and contributed to the present day stats about teenagers being unhealthily unhappy with their bodies.  A double AA cup was pretty depressing in PE changing rooms when everyone talked about annoying bra fits and I could only look sheepishly at my C&A crop top.

Let's not descend too far into bygone eras of teen angst though and get right to the point here.  On the surface, I could have rejected this collection entirely on the basis that the 50s/60s shapes Prada was pimping out isn't my body's cup of char.  However, despite the casting throwing in some 'fuller figured' girls into the Prada mix, the models seamlessly trooped out with 'curvy' not being the issue here.  I've illustrated this with a lot of my slightly pervy side-boob shots that I took below but basically, with the help of Prada's tiered balconette ruffles, flat or full-chested needn't really matter.  I could have fretted like I did back in the changing rooms but those ruffled chests quietened me down.  If like me, you're never going to fill the pointy padded bras of the past, then a cluster of unabashed frilliness in signature Prada patternations around the chest is one of many solutions and a strangely refreshing one at that.

On a non-body shape note (feels odd to be writing about body issues in a post, no?), aesthetically speaking, of course the Mad Men references escaped nobody and it was good to see that with some outfits, Peggy Olsen and Joan Holloway were sort of battling it out sartorially-speaking.  The chunky cable sweaters and skirts, the double collared jackets in patent and the front frilled socks seemed to be geeking out in harmony with the under-boob cut-out (my new favourite cut-out position), the painterly prints and the sashaying hips that some dresses (and the one pair of capri trousers) prompted.  

I've been thinking about this first season where I'm going the full hog and doing all four weeks of fashion week and the way that I have happed onto the shows that were full throtal refreshing points – Marc Jacobs in New York, Christopher Kane in London and now Prada in Milan… it all reads like a blatantly obvious manuscript… but I'm not going to fight it.  The good are good because they're well… good.


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  1. i’m a major fan of the under-boob cut-outs, in the full knowledge that my non-boobs would never fall out, aha! finally my ironing board chest comes into its own! still, loving the conical boobs they had going on in some pieces.

  2. I don’t know why but this reminds me of something my professor said in first semester fashion design and it still in my head to this day
    More ruffles! More ruffles -Professor ast
    I never really though that type of seaming could be uses to with something that i hat to make something interresting. i love the yellow one

  3. Well put as always. Your memories of school reminds me of my own definitely, changing in the gym for PE was never my favourite part of the timetable!
    I really adore the dresses with the ruffle detail across the bust with the cut out detail. Reminds me a little of the mini cut out detail on some of the dresses at Proenza Schouler. I like it.

  4. I adore this. The model halfway down on the right Рlooks like Jourdan Рhas on my favourite look in this collage, and the prep-tastic leathery bits, they have a bit of Céline ss10 about them.

  5. Love the title of the post!!! The new cutouts… Brilliant

  6. I was very curious about your opinion and waited with anticipation for this post.
    I always like Prada, regardless. She is my antidote for fashion, but I never take it literally. Her collections make me go back to my closet with scissors in my hands and trust my own twisted taste even more.

  7. I don’t know why everyone was bitching about how dowdy this collection was. I like it quite a bit; most of it I would wear.

  8. As a well-endowed woman I can’t really say I’m liking that “bust shelf cut” (gods, could never put mine on display like that) – but everything else I see is feast for the eye.
    Is it just me but isn’t this collection very stealth kinky?

  9. Not that fuller figures though really…
    Still beautiful, I love the ruffles and they’d give anyone a full chest. Be happy with what you’ve got, you’re a delight!

  10. Prada love…I wasn’t expecting this kind of collection especially after last years fishing boots, but man this rocks…

  11. Prada has long been about women dressing in a very strict, dull manner! It is good to see some sexyness, finally!
    I approve.

  12. How huge is knitwear right now!!! Love the concept of using so many differentiating fabrics within one separate…or using alternative fabrics within conventional classics

  13. good for flat chested hunnies, but i’ve never been that into frills anyways

  14. love the scarp book the you made, a purple dress was my favorite, really cute and apropiatte

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  16. Still there are woman who say that the body of man has no qualities to admire, even though thy thing otherwise. I think is time to stop the taboos and saying what it is….

  17. i’m a major fan of the under-boob cut-outs, in the full knowledge that my non-boobs would never fall out, aha! finally my ironing board chest comes into its own! still, loving the conical boobs they had going on in some pieces.

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