Ahoy Sailor Called Out

>> I promise this is the LAST picture postcard from Sydney (Can ya tell that I REALLY enjoyed it out there???  Can ya, can ya?)… though it's more of a maintenance routine check-up than anything else…

Tommy snapped this shot of me and some stripes at dusk on Bondi Beach and some people asked where the hat is from and for some goddamn reason, I can't for the life of me, leave a comment on his blog to credit the hat.  So I'm doing it here… some of you may know that I get a looooot of wear out of this Adidas SLVR hat which I also own in orange stripes though inevitably the black/navy comes out more often to play.  I nearly lost it outside the John Galliano show as I dropped it in the crowd and after the show, came back out, to find it there, trampled by some fashionable footsteps.  I did a proper fist punch in the air which for me, is reserved for situations such as re-found hats.  This was actually documented on Twitter and yes, I did feel a tad silly for fretting over a 'lost' hat.  A good ol' wash and it's as clean as a whistle (incidentally, it's my only hat that I can put in the washing machine…).  I miss that Sydney sun, dousing my mood with all manner of good vibes…


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  1. If ever a hat is worth fretting about this is it. Glad you found it in the end. And this is a beautiful picture, the sun emphasizes the shape and volume of the hat.

  2. Stripe-a-licious!
    How jealous am I that Tommy Ton takes pictures of you? He is sooo unbelievably talented!!
    Charlotte xx

  3. I had a hunch that you wouldn’t answer my comment where the h…. you got that hat from. Now I know! (and since I wanted to buy a tennis dress from this website anyway…) Thanks!

  4. That is one brilliant pic.
    If I were you I would definitely put that somewhere in my apartment for anyone to see.
    you look amazing in that hat and (is it?)dress.

  5. Is this in Bondi or Manly? I’m sort of thinking mainly because of the trees… I like the photo but it’s killing me because it looks so familiar and I can’t figure it out! πŸ˜›

  6. That hat is so many levels of fierce and the photo does it serious justice! CHIC!


  8. Buble, I want desperately to steal this hat from you for my hols, it’s just what I’m looking for. I suspect it will look far less chic on my cropped locks though (and knowing my luck it would be too small). The search continues…

  9. Gorgeous picture!
    Finding something you feared you lost is one of the best feelings, proper fist punching time.

  10. Beautiful photo! Your hat is gorgeous! I’m a HUGE fan of hats too πŸ™‚

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