RAFW Day 4-5 Deets

I still have a ton of stuff to write up for RAFW but I'm blaming my laziness on the sun.  Can I scientifically verify that the sun is in FACT closer to Australia and therefore making my head dizzy at times as well as err… luring me to Bondi Beach?  Yes, Dr. Lau is verifying that and saying this is the case!  I have a lot of Aussie/Kiwi-related posts to go up but I definitely had to close off the deets before they got stale and old on my computer…

I forgot to say in my Dion Lee post how LOVELY Dion is and how much I'm gunning for him because his talent is immense… oh and Jak and Jil of course trumped my post with his own stunning shots… (yo, commentors, Dion is a GUY…)


Was lucky enough to meet Thea Basiliou who owns the ground-breaking boutique Blonde Venus in Brisbane… her story is a great documentation of the underground fashion scene in Queensland… 


Speaking of the aforementioned, Tommy arrived on Thursday morning and snapped snapped snapped away… ppl fawned and oohed and aaahed… 


The Melbourne label Above gets heavy-wear duty from me and looks like S/S 10-11 will be no different with these laser cut-out patterns… will post more on the collection later…


I wasn't really down with the super high wedges that newcomer designer Elliot Ward-Fear put his models in given that a few nearly buckled over but I do like this faded print asymmetric jacket complete with a curious acrylic spiky formation on the left…


Who gives a fig about double denim on girls… it's all about the Double Denim Dudes…


Draped, tasteful and beautifully paletted… a surprising turnout that contrasts heavily with the designer of these clothes, Gary Bigeni who came out wearing some outlandish clashing prints… 


Theme of Thursday… Phil Oh of Street Peeper's locks… up do?  Loose? Ponytail?  


In the end, loose and wild was the only course.  He's also wearing a printed blazer from the new collection of another Melbournian label Limedrop - the printed forest is wreaking good havoc with the CdG polka dots.  I have myself a bit of Limedrop goodness now too which I'll have to take pics of when I get back to London.  


Josh Goot took a break from showing his A/W 10-11 collection in London but I'm eternally grateful for seeing it here in Sydney… again, a post is in order… Tommy did a magic trick of putting them in front of the light… yes, I am a photography dunce.



In the same showroom, I took a closer look at Therese Rawsthorne's new collection.  The runway was HUUUUUGE so some details such as this silk chiffon wrapped lapel jacket and embroidered leggings were a little lost the first time round…




Ruby Smallbone does a geometric triangular print worthy of Patternity-lovin…


A little birdie told me I might enjoy the headpieces at Gail Sorronda… am I becoming that predictable?  Perhaps.  Pom pom adorned bicycle wheels sounds deranged but in the context of the show actually worked wonderfully well…




I already said Urban Outfitters was doing a bit of Australian promotion work and at Sydney's Monster Children gallery, they've got an exhibition going on, featuring some of their past lookbook imagery.  Who else is always continually impressed by the roster of photographers UO uses for their lookbooks… the exhibition features my faves… Jason Nocito, Tim Barber and Lina Scheynius


I don't want to say too much about Arnsdorf's new collection other than I love this 'amber' colour that both the designer Jade Sarita Arnott and model are wearing masterfully here… and that Jade is really really lovely!  Again again.. more on Arnsdorf later… these aren't empty promises!


For Tina Kalivas' 'Totem Pole' collection, she's installed a teepee in her press showroom… I want to sit in it with my best friend from year 5 and listen to PJ & Duncan…


Tommy didn't want to leave this leather bunny made by New Zealand accessories label Deadly Ponies…


I just couldn't quite let go of this Karla Spetic A/W 10 blazer (illustrated by Caitlin Shearer) so much so I'm posting about it twice… seeing it in the flesh hurt more though… 


And the big tamale… biggest and slickest production of course goes to Ksubi's finale 10th Anniversary show… see vid in previous previous post for some freaky intro theatrics as well as a THUMPING start… I do have some close-ups to post later on though as I think some of that is lost in the vid…


..and as an ode to the birthday bash… a GIANT rat cake complete with bristly textured icing and Ksubi's start-up sunnies came wheeling out at the end of the show… I had a chunk of it but was a little bit disturbed by the greying flesh coloured icing.


Technically this is Day 6 but of course, RAFW is over.  Today, we trooped over to see Australian fashion legend Akira Isogawa and played around with his beautiful embroidery and tulle dress from the bridal collection and house fit model…


There are too many cliched postcard shots on my camera and seeing as I started the deets posts with one, I thought I'd end with another… "closer each day… Home and Away!"


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  1. You Lucky girl!!! Looks like you are having an amazing time! I adore the Therese Rawsthorne’ collecetion so pretty and so beautifully feminine! Enjoy you’re time out there the weather back in london is quantifiably crap! This blog is so inspiring I love it, thank you for all your hard work 🙂 x

  2. My boutique sells that Karla Spetic blazer and a bunch of other beautiful Karla and Gail Sorronda stuff!

  3. lots of marvelous colours! i love the josh goot shirts, great concept…and the pool is so lush 🙂 xox

  4. The shows collectively looked interesting, and orginal, my favourite shot is of the embroidery and tulle dress with thr house fit model peeking through. You are very brave to have tried that cake, it looked too freaky for me. x

  5. these designs are all so fresh looking
    i especially love the josh goot designs, they are so me

  6. So much to comment on! The Josh Goot tops are beyond lovely and that Karla Spectic blazer is super-covetable. The Tina Kalivas teepee is too awesome for words!

  7. Thankyou Susie for covering RAFW so well! I’m on Australia’s west side and your posts are a happy reminder that we’re not fashionably backwards all over the country 🙂

  8. OK that’s a whole lot of information to take in in one go! (I love words doubling up beside one another…) But I do love the toned-down Gaga-esque crystal growths, and the Josh Goot – I have almost bought one of his colourful printed scarves in Liberty about 50 times now. Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge so to speak. Also, I had never heard of Dion Lee and then I saw *that* picture on Jak and Jil and now I am completely in love.
    I think the sun must be pretty close here too, all the blue skies are distracting me from work… As is your blog!

  9. DD on the fellas is DEFINITELY the way forward – I’m going to buy mine a denim shirt and force him to wear it 🙂 And I NEED that leather bunny! x

  10. FYI, I think Paula Kyle Walden (PKW) did the headpieces for Gail Sorronda. Her stuff is amazing! http://www.paulawalden.com/

  11. Paula Kyle Walden did not make the Gail Sorronda headpieces. Not sure where you got that information from Rach…

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