Entitlement of Untitled

Untitledcov >> It seems that the more 'we' bang on about the so-called decline of print, the more it come backs with a newly refreshed mode of combat by way of new magazine titles.  That 'we' isn't me by the way even if people love to insist questions relating to the 'death of print' upon me with a vengeance. 

The titles that are coming up new come with buoyant enthusiasm rather than a thirst for large scale print runs.  Perhaps it's not an intended fixer but it definitely is a reaction where new publishers are coming up with different solutions for print – print on demand, smaller print runs or just straight forward zine-style production.  The subject matter at hand can therefore get more and more niche and personal.  And so the newsagent on Old Compton Street continues to be more crammed (because somehow they get EVERYTHING) and you end up picking up titles in boutiques that won't be distributed everywhere.  The magazine shelf at home (well, my home anyway…) isn't stuffed with titles in all the same sizes but instead becomes a hotchpotch of zines, mooks and creative paper usage.   

In comes Untitled.  Founded and edited by Junsuke Yamasaki (editor of Dazed Japan…), it's a fashion biannual that celebrates all facets of young and creative fashion.  "I'm always excited about young designers collection which has pure creative mind and not too commercial. Also there's no one publishing magazines focusing on young designers, so I was sure that this untitled will be the strongest media for supporting young designers (except websites such as Diane and you!)", explains Yamasaki. 

Awww… shucks… certainly, the page space to celebrate grassroots fashion isn't growing so this of course comes with a big thumbs up from me.  Anna Trevelyan, assistant of Nicola Formichetti and super sweetheart stylist and fashion edtior of Untitled also concurs: "I just want people to be able to have fun with fashion, and be imaginitive and creative with no restrictions! I don't think there's too many platforms for people to do that right now so we wanted to make a magazine with a youthful and fresh attitude towards what creativity and fashion means."

Untitled #0 is out now in limited stores in Japan but will be making its way over to London, New York, LA, Paris, Antwerp and Hong Kong soon with a bigger launch for Untitled #1 (more pages, more content) planned.  Consider this the soft launch then which leaves me intrigued as to who they will investigate in the next issue…

The first issue has been celebrated with the ultimate amazing magazine freebie… STICKERS (did anyone use to get the Girl Talk stickers?).  Now if only they were in feltie format…

Stickers by Brian Lichtenberg, Christopher Shannon, David Lindwall. Reborn 1982, Katie Eary, Lotta Volkova, Mikio Sakabe, Writtenafterwards…


Rozalb de Mura – Photography Ben Toms, Styling Robbie Spencer // Rachael Barrett – Photography Yasunari Kikumi, Styling Anna Trevelyan


Photography Hedi Slimane, Styling Anna Trevelyan // Photography Leon Mark, Styling Stevie Westgarth


Photography Sharif Hamza, Styling Anna Trevelyan


5 Replies to “Entitlement of Untitled”

  1. Once again, what looks like an amazing magazine that is not available in Australia…
    Madeleine Louise
    wekilledcouture . com

  2. being able to have fun with fashion is definitely a great thing. this what it is all about. there shouldn’t be a limit to creativity. loved the prints on the stickers. some a little unexpected, but really cool though. + that red jacket on the last photo is absolutely stunning. fabulous look, so rough and rock ‘n roll.

  3. Great article and magazine!
    Again this is the reason I love visiting your blog and Diane’s too.
    You have a telent in finding the most interesting stuff from alternative/young designers.
    You don’t just speak about the same famous designers we all discuss over and over…
    Even though I’m a fan of some of the bigger names and remain “loyal” to them, I must say that sometimes I’m bored and disappointed while I’m watching the shows because there’s a fear of changing and a lack of originality (that young designers certainly have).

  4. Thanks for bringing this mag to my attetion – I really hope I’m able to get my hands on a copy of this.
    Do you know the memories you brought back with the girl talk stickers?? lol

  5. I like so much the black and white little picture at the right and also the pink scarf at the picture with the boy at the left.

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