On Second Thoughts…


>> … after doing a bit of light research on costume designer Adrian Adolph Greenberg better known as Adrian, designer of Dorothy's red ruby slippers in the The Wizard of Oz, I'm now convinced that nothing other than this exact outfit will do for any New Year's Eve antics.  Alright, so it's a near impossibility on this particular eve of 2011 to go get me this costume from the 1939 film The Women, designed by Adrian and used in the fashion show sequence in the film that also happens to be in Technicolour.  Particularly as I'm sat on my arse at home pondering what will ensue in the next few hours.

However, looking at some beautifully large films as well as playing the fashion show sequence on YouTube (though without the original sound…) over and over again is enough for me to admire this surprisingly surreal ensemble where a short white kimono-esque robe makes the hand bearing a rose a physical component as well as a delicate print that consumes the satin bathing suit and lining.  The addition of the rose gives a 'helping hand' to the oddness of a lonesome end limb sitting afloat a robe.  Moreoever, that is some impeccable satin cutting seen in the bathing suit where not one wrinkle or bit of wonkiness exists.  I'm banking on next year for opportunities to raid MGM's archives to make this a living reality.      



HNY Brights


>> My warped view of Chinese tradition has long instilled in me that any New Year (be it Chinese or not) or festive occasion requires lots and lots of colour.  It's the old wives tales passed down to me from grandmothers and mumbling mothers that has me thinking that only the brightest hues of orange, blue and purple can chase away evil spirits to make way for celebration and OF COURSE there are evil spirits present at every festive occasion.  At New Year's Eve, evil spirits equals the forcse that send drinks prices rocketing and induce huge wacks of money for shit parties.

So I'm out to do battle today with a possibility of changing into another outfit for the night, that tops the level of brightness of this ensemble here, because OBVIOUSLY evil spirits are going to be at their most potent at nightfall.  The combination of some Tory Burch resort pieces (which I wore for their blog back in September) together with the Opening Ceremony x Tron dress should be enough of a force to ward off any daytime New Year's Eve evilies.  I may only be going to Waitrose but you never know where they might be lurking.  They could jump right out at me from the cheese counter.  Look to the penultimate episode of Misfits to see how evil diary products can be…





(Tory Burch printed cardigan, Opening Ceremony x Tron neoprene dress, Tory Burch printed trousers, Suno x Loeffler Randall wedge sandals)



>> Today has been a catwalk browsing admin day where thorough recaps need to be done for the sake of reminding me of a) what collections are dropping into stores soon and b) what to compare the pending A/W 11-12 shows against, to track a trajectory. 

One thing that I picked up during the S/S 11 shows were the indirect/direct infiltration from karate/judo belts that made their way into collections.  Indirect in the instances of say Celine, where a lot of the ensembles travelled loosely through Morocco/North Africa, keeping everything tightly subtle.  That said, as the colour blocked stripes flowed past me, the first thing that popped up were the rankings of karate/judo belts contrasted with the crisp white robes that dotted one too many poor martial arts film that I've had to consume.  I'm probably spotting a thematic trend that exists only in my head seeing as those vibrant primary shades belted and knotted at the waist, seen at say Haider Ackermann and Sonia Rykiel also owe their roots to Japanese obi belts as much as my imagined karate/judo antics.  The dominance of white has even broader origins and reference points that can't be explained in a nutshell.

Still, I just can't shake the images that have caused me to thrust these collections together loosely.  I'm also not ruling out the option of looking up Yellow Pages for some specialist martial art stores to raid their belts and robes for some tweaking and incorporation into what looks to be a white-out, loose trouser-filled and primary-colour-accented season. 

(All backstage images from Dazed Digital, Celine images my own, all other catwalk and accessories images from Style.com)

The Art of Giving Part II


>> I've taken to standing back and disgustingly admiring my Christmas consumption over the past few weeks which in addition to five different kinds of roast meats, my own weight in roast potatoes, sprouts, chocolate truffles and numerous varieties of cake and condiments includes a slew of festive-related gifting which as I said yesterday has been perhaps wildly extravagant in the context of our supposed downturned times.

My comeuppance will surely hit me next year when I'm going to be making poorly baked goods for people as gifts and Steve is going to be carving something out of a potato as a token of his affection.  For now though, consumer's delight is triumphant.  I'll wait a few more days yet before harsh reality comes knocking on the door.

With a stash of birthday cheques, the Liberty sale, which started early in a sneaky fashion a fortnight ago, came calling.  I far prefer spotting something on a rail which has been reduced quite discreetly on the tag without a 50/60% plaque signposting it as per all post-Christmas sales happening right now.  Following Alex Fury from SHOWstudio's good advice, I headed down there and went hunting for marked down tags and got myself a Proenza Schouler black mesh sleeveless shirt with leather collar and trim (not at Liberty anymore but Opening Ceremony has a few left) and a Richard Nicoll wool gingham dress, both heavily reduced.  Say hello to the school girl look of yesteryear, recalling a time when I was once addicted to thigh high/knee high socks at school and worried about whether me not getting straight A*'s would turn me into a social pariah…



(Double collaring it all up with the Whistles lightning bolt shirt)

Did I leave a 'Watch out for the next part…" cheesy foretelling at the end of my last post?  Why I believe I did!  My misunderstandings and lack of interest in bags for the past five or so years has manifested itself into a sudden desperate surge of desire in those wretched leather goods that normally cost an arm and a leg.  I feel dirty just thinking about the extortionate amount…

So when Steve presented me with his Christmas gift, telling me that it was "Nothing much…" and as I started ripping into it, glimpsed at that familiar gold brocade that decorates many of Miu Miu's store interiors, I wailed out "Oh NOOOOOO!  You DIDN'T!  That's TOO MUCH!".  That wasn't a false bewailment by the way… I did momentarily think he had struck a deal with a dubious loan shark to get it.  He did immediately reassure me that not every year would beget me a gift like this.  Like I said, I fully expect a hand-carved potato ornament next year.

IMG_0083 IMG_0121

The bag is from the limited edition range to celebrate the opening of the MAHUSSIVE 150 New Bond Street flagship store. I was cooing over the deep luscious brocade ones, eliminating the more expensive studded/furry/croc ones as impossible possessions.  Sensible Steve saw more longevity in a black leather bag though, which despite its compact size actually expands into three roomy compartments.  I've been rotating between feeling up a feel of the lush red linings of this Miu Miu leather one and the Mysuelly suede one.  Ah… leather goods heavy petting bliss…

Still I must keep reminding myself though that this is by no means a precedent.  Therefore the key question for next year is where does one find a vegetable carving knife?