Monki-ing Aroung Pt 1

>> I can't seem to embed the video code properly here without it annoying auto-playing so I'm just going to link to here.  EJ of Style Salvage basically said I got to be Clarissa Explains it All in it and after seeing the final treatment with cute fonts popping up everywhere, I definitely see the resemblance.  Except where are my funk-aaaay outfits and high-waisted belted jeans?  No where to be found alas…

Obviously in a 5 minute video, minute details are to be missed so please forgive the hazy intros and general glazing over.  I also think I sound a bit airy-fairy at times.  But then again, I'm holding a giant remote and waving it at an imaginary screen.  Therefore allow me the leaway to be a closet ditz.  It gets mildly less excruciating and embarrassing when I'm going about doing press days.  Some of my own terrible camera-holding skills are featured in the Harris Tweed bit.  Check out Don John Mackay working the loom

Next week I do a bit of quickie customising.  Yay!  I get to milk my 'Tune in for more!' line once again…


**EDIT** I *THINK* the embed code is now working…

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  1. This is brilliant, I am doing it too in a couple of months so it is amazing to see the finished product. So cute!! x

  2. So fun! I’m so glad they’re doing this! Monki was one of my favorite stores when I was in Stockholm, the store itself is soooo gorgeous and unique…anti-minimal, yet still modern. Seems like an overall great company.

  3. Try the below code. It’s from Monki’s main page. I’ve also adjusted the width of the video to fit your post of 640 pixels.
    var params = {
    menu: “false”,
    scale: “scale”,
    allowFullscreen: “true”,
    allowScriptAccess: “always”,
    bgcolor: “#FFFFFF”
    var flashvars = {
    movieURL: “”,
    hdMovieURL: “”,
    bubbleText: “This is Monki Television with Susie Bubble!”,
    bubbleMovieURL: “”,
    tagList: “”,
    coverPicture: “/television/1-susie-bubble/episode-1/Susie_start.png”,
    gotoURL: “/television/susie-bubble”
    var attributes = {
    swfobject.embedSWF(“/television/VideoPlayer.swf”, “videoPlayerElement”, “640”, “360”, “10.1.0”, “/television/expressInstall.swf”, flashvars, params, attributes);

  4. It is absolutely brilliant, but you post so often that I miss half of the stuff.

  5. really cute, Monki clothing is totally you! Love it!
    Kind regards,

  6. CQC posted about this recently and I flipped my shit. I am really excited about this feature and to see Monki do more. You have a great speaking voice for fashion, btw.

  7. I envy your life; press days seem amazing from what you mentioned in your monki video,at least to me…:)Your voice sounds so posh, but still as cute as you are! LOL Great show; this is beginning to sound cheesy but…Cant wait to see your next video! X Neda X

  8. Susie, been following your blog on my reader for a while now and always look forward to seeing your posts and outfits! It was great to see some video and learn that you are just as awesome as I imagine you to be! Loved it!

  9. Great news that it’s not an only one time video:)
    PS: can I ask what shoes you are wearing while visiting showrooms in London? Btw I love that jacket (I can’t remember where it’s from though).

  10. This was so much fun to watch i love watching these type of documentary/day in life type show things can’t wait 4 the next!
    Chelsea x

  11. Your jacket is fantastic and this feature is even better. As a new visitor to your blog I really love to see what it is like to well, “be” you. You didn’t sound ditzy at all, it was actually really informative to me! I can’t wait until Thursday for the next episode.

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