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Some of you will have seen that I spoke at Lucky Magazine's FABB conference two days ago and on my panel the designers of Vena Cava Sohpie Buhai and Lisa Mayock spoke about blogging from the perspective of a designer, one that I'm finding more and more prevalent in amongst the fashion designer community as well as.  They spoke of approaching blogging from a place where they're not entirely aware of the ins and outs of the blogosphere which means what you get is not strategic content to direct at potential consumers but rather a personal stream of consciousness that draws you into their world.  This is something that I also discussed with Rich Tong, Tumblr's fashion director when talking about the function of Tumblr for brands, that instead of heavy branded posts, it could be more of a subtle and vague visual treat.



I'm all for image/inspiration voyeurism and I'd have a list the length of my arm of the people that I think would create brilliant image/tidbit stream of consciousness blogs.  Vena Cava's blog is a good example where women laughing hysterically with salads, mum pictures and Duran Duran videos all mingle with each other – does it need to necessarily connect with their collection output?  Nope.  Plus I just love watching women smile with a wooden bowl of rocket.  Their other 'brand world' nugget comes in the form of their Zina Cava project which was handed out at the show, complimenting of course what they do online…

Cue a booklet of 90s reminiscing that is truly about memories rather than retrogading.  CK One, red hair dye stains, shit pagers that never actually worked properly and jumping around to Kriss Kross – all the stuff that is fast being reomanticised but for me is still too closely attached to my memory for me to that kind of distance from it…




> IMG_1212


The zine's contents held clues to what played out in the A/W 11-12 collection too although rather than real nostalgia, the Vena Cava girls may have tapped into a sophisticated vision of the 90s girl that girls my age would have looked up to.  It was a slick and coquettishly vampy vision that involved leather trimmed berets, flared out mini sun dresses, cropped jackets and cut-out knits that are both demure and sexy. These were the older slightly cocky girls that gawky Mickey Mouse t-shirt-wearing me in 1992 could not possibly be. 








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  1. I can Proudly say your the one of the best blogger,All ur fashion design collections looks gorgeous,i really appreciate ur wonderfull trendy collections.. i love the last dress a lot,very unique and attractive one…

  2. Hey girl! You just made the cut in my incredibly selective and prestigious Top 5 List of Most Iconic People. I know you’re overwhelmed. Don’t thank me, you just deserve it.
    And you’re blog is def not ceasing to be the bee’s knees. We all thank you for that, Miss Bubble.

  3. The last Girl look’s like a Modern Zena the warrior Princess,.. xoxo
    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  4. third outfit down!
    we all love a bit of side boob but now there’s the even better “under boob” sooooo coool and sexy without revealing too much.
    and we wont even mention the leather skirt in the last pic mmmmm swishy leather is much better than tight leather

  5. I’m really really glad that is emerging as something new and exciting in the fashion world. It really is a platform that has a lot to offer. I’m also quite interested in seeing how something like will play out too.
    Zina Cava and the collection are awesome. I can’t believe how happy I am to see the 90s back again!

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  7. That’s a cute magazine, the Zina Cava. Seems you’re nowhere now if you don’t have a blog. I am coveting the voluminous leather skirt in the final snapshot. I’ve never seen one like that.

  8. The zine looks great and I think it could have been great, but somehow the collection reminded me of everything that was wrong with the early 90s look (without looking right now). I liked the knitted split tops though.

  9. cool pics
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