>> Designers that are concentrating on a singular garment are having a moment.  I just need to find one more to make it three, which according to the old wive's tales of fashion, makes it a trend.  So far, I have Palmer // Harding, who have chosen the white shirt as their label schtick.  Here we have Lahssan, aka designer Dryce, who has turned to the almighty trenchcoat as his singular garment to focus on.  Choosing a wardrobe cornerstone to tackle as the sole focal point of your label can be dangerous territory and avoiding the pitfalls of monotony is key.  However, the singularity of the task at hand, means that you set yourself up with some boundaries – lines that you don't colour outside of if you will.  "I am the kind of person who does almost too much thing at oncee and go in all direction,
so focusing on a single product, with very codify caracteristics and codes is a real "exercise in style" that forces me to be very focused and clear," explains Dryce when asked what made him decide to focus on one type of garment. 

"I have said in the past that the trench coat is like those all-terrain vehicles that can go everywhere and always do the job.  It's a piece of clothing where in the morning you to go get your croissant in, with your pyjamas underneath or at night to go meet your lover… with nothing underneath… and still nobody can tell. A trench coat is THAT versatile, hence essential."  Well said, Dryce!  I'll admit that I've done both those things with my trusty Burberry trenchcoat that my mother gave me.  

Dryce started off by turning the trench coat inside out, examining the interior and giving them his own twists – last season, this involved applying metallic foil to sections of a trenchcoat, inspired by post-marathon blankets.  For A/W 12-3, the collection grows steadily to include "evening" pieces such as the black trenchcoats with silk crepe pleats in the back (they come in three different lengths from opera to cropped jacket).  The more versatile pieces are the two tone beige and cream trenches that look like two jackets have been spliced together.  Dryce also continues his work with Saga Furs with two exceptional show pieces that turn the idea of a fur-lined coat on its head.  I don't normally quote celebrity endorsements but Glee's Dianna Agron (I'm quite impressed by her site FYI) is a fan of Lahssan's trench coats.  She says "I am positive it is something I am keeping for as many years", which is the sort of reaction that you'd expect to hear about a hardworking trench coat but Lahssan's interpretations of the classic definitely warrants high praise. 









NOTE: The Loewe post that was previous to this one has been taken down temporarily as it conflicted with print magazine schedules.  My mistake.  Apologies for being a renegade blogger.  Yay, there's my reckless side. 

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  1. I think it’s really brave to choose the trench as your cornerstone piece as a young designer, because there are quite a few other brands (notably the obvious Burberry)who have pretty much captured that market. However, these pieces look thike they are bringing something new and slightly different to the trench table which is really nice to see.

  2. At first glance I thought they looked a bit weird, but when I took a closer look, they looked actually nice! I would probably buy one if I found something like that here in Norway πŸ˜›

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  5. love the combo of fur and trench coat! it’s always great to see classic pieces deconstructed and blended with new stuff or materials giving it a new identity don’t u think?

  6. I thought they looked a little strange at first but now i’m completely in love with them! especially the first one!
    kisses from paris,

  7. I wore something similar (from Burberry) out on Saturday night… with high heels, tights and some crazy long fake eyelashes. I looked a bit of a state (haha!), but it sure felt good…

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