Happy to Clown

“Whilst trudging through the microcosmic world of fashion shows, looked upon like a “peacock” or a “clown”, I can only think that beyond the industry’s judgmental eagle eye, the sea of change brought on by street style imagery and its subjects, is bigger than one can imagine.”

The “circus” has begun again and yes, here I am “clowning” it up in front of Lincoln Centre and having a whale of a time in a fluffy doll of a coat by Shrimps aka Hannah Weiland’s realm of faux fur awesomeness that is blowing up all over the place.  The coat and its vibrant hues sums up the sentiment which I expressed in this little piece I wrote for Vogue.com, a sort of a more succinct, and less introspective and insecure continuation of the Sad Clown post I wrote for the blog, in response to that now infamous Suzy Menkes article.  It is about self-expression (even if you borrowed the clothes, or got them for free, or otherwise…)and nothing can take away from the physical fact that it’s a person, on the street, wearing what are deemed by whatever photographer to be an eye-catching ensemble.  You nit pick and dissect all you want at the semantics but ultimately way in which those JPEGS travel from internet to inspiration, from monitor to moodboard and from websites to wardrobe cannot be ignored.  The world is larger than the microcosm of fashion shows that play out in select cities and whatever way fashion finds to touch that wider world, can only be a good thing in my book.

nyfw-street-style-1-13.nocrop.w1800.h1330Photographed by Koo for The Cut

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  1. Loved reading your piece for Vogue. Couldn’t agree more.

    p.s. this coat is all sorts of awesome.

  2. Hi Susie! I am a very longtime reader, back when you did outfit posts in a mirror. Can you tell me what boots you are wearing in this post? I saw the picture on vogue.com and was in love! They are the perfect merging of fashion & function!

  3. Really stunning!!!

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

    Today I bring you a Casual outfit with very eye-catching Floral print Neoprene Pants!!

  4. HI, Susie, your extremely bright outfit is like a sun ray in the middle of the winter downpour outside 🙂 You struck me into the heart of my fashion obsession with your gorgeous booties! I absolutely loved them as well as your awesome fur piece! <3 Zhanna. http://www.stylehenge.com

  5. This outfit is so you, love it. So different than my style but that’s what fashion is all about isn’t?:)

  6. I read your Vogue piece and can’t agree with you more. Fashion/window dressing has always been about expression, be it for your own or to be clique inclusive.

    Your style has always been pretty consistent since day one. It’s a fascinating mixture of east meets west. it is hard to emulate without looking ridiculous or horrid. i’ve yet to see another one pull off the way you dress.

    Seeing how you dress for the past 5 years I can vouch for you that you DO NOT dress to be noticed. You DO NOT dress crazy to catch photogs’ lens. You only dress according to your own innate sense of style. You are not designer mad or color blind.

    What I admire the most is your never ending curiosity and fascination with fashion and style. You are not jaded. You always keep your eyes open for new and the renewed. You share your insider knowledge on brands and process via photos and good writing.

    I truly hope that more bloggers like you keep up with the good work by staying true and staying in the game.

  7. I loved your article for vogue.com and you are right to defend the right to wear clothes, any kind of clothes, especially the ones you feel like wearing. I really wish a lot more people were brave and creative with what they wore, its a shame that so many unique pieces of clothes exist but the majority of people still dress very alike. I really admire you for wearing what you like and not caving in to pressure which I can imagine you feel from the fashion and not fashion folks. Keep it up, you are an inspiration.

  8. I hear what you’re saying. It still doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people want to be photographed for being photographed sake. That is, to satisfy your own egos. I think that was more Menkes point. There is a little attention-seeking in there, no? I know YOU are probably doing it for the greater good also. But own up to the fact that you enjoy being seen, too.

    Even if the peacocks and clowns at fashion week didn’t exist, the designers would still sell their clothes. Otherwise Oscar de la Renta would have made his latest defilés more accessible to the circus.

    1. The point I was making though was – who really cares? What good does it do to try and read into motives of people’s outfits – yes, there’s attention seeking, yes, there’s ego-boosting – but why judge that in the first place? I just think there’s a lot of hoity toity snobbery that takes place when fashion looks down on the “wannabes” – they are just trying to express themselves and hey, catch a break in what is a harsh industry.

      The resulting images and the way they disseminate fashion cannot be refuted. All the catty judgement is just another way of the industry expressing their fear of “the plebs”.

  9. Just read the article at Vogue! Great point Ms. bubble! 🙂 My brother and i have never attended a legitimate fashion week yet but we’ve heard of the ” peacocks” and understand why it’s sort of looked down upon but then you can’t degrade the true lover of bold cuts and colors. Fashion weeks seem like some sort of Mardis Gras for the sartorial lovers and no one should kill the holiday Spirit! 😉

    You most likely get too much comments to read but yh just wanted to comment on that.

    – Jibril

  10. A great splash of colour in a very dull London at the moment and it ought to be law to follow your blog. Everyone should wear what makes them happy and feel good. Clow? Peacock? Judgemental tosh. Wear what feels good, you look great!

  11. Wow! Love beautiful pink handbags like this! You match it so well with the orange fur coat, great choice!

  12. In love with that coat. Orange is my favourite colour, has always been, and always will be, and teamed with the fushia pink…wow!


  13. Hey, I’m tremendously glad that someone finally said it the right way, even if that harsh sting via Suzy Menkes now seems ages ago – I imagine, though, that the conversation is still very relevant, during this time of the year. And it was only natural that you pulled out the most realistic and coherent point of view, as you are somewhat on both “sides” that Suzy was putting forth – you’re both a blogger and a fashion-insider. I wouldn’t call you a “peacock” because it feels so inappropriate, you are the first I remember seeing dressed like this – with such fantasy and wit, you truly are a showstopper, but as someone said in an earlier comment, you never look an inch like trying to steal anyone’s attention, you’re just being you and that is wonderful. With the risk of sounding a bit too laudatory (the hell with it, I’ve already crossed that line), I think that you are among the very few bloggers that inspired this sort of self-expression, during fashion weeks – and whatever it is that they’re doing it for, it sure is a pleasurable and profitable way to broaden any spectator’s stylistic views.

    Thanks for holding on and fingers crossed for many more years of giving us insight to whatever’s new, interesting and exciting in fashion!

  14. You are very bright and cheerful in this outfit!
    And yes! I love looking at street style from the shows because the JPGs are great inspiration – and it’s great to hear you still find dressing up fun and are flattered by street photographers taking your picture!


  15. All I can say is that these are some crazy new shapes coming 🙂

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  16. Loving the bright fluffy coat Susie. Enjoyed reading your article too, and agree. Fashion has always been about expression, and street style has also always been a part of that expression. I say it’s much better to be curious than judgmental.

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