Blue Sky Thinking

1. (idiomatic) Thinking that is not grounded or in touch in the realities of the present.
2. (idiomatic) Open-minded thinking.

I’ve interpreted Blue Sky Thinking quite literally as thinking under blankets of clear blue skies because that’s exactly what I’ve been fortunate enough to look at for the past fortnight in both Phuket in Thailand and the Central Coast of New South Wales, where I went to film a little something something with MTV Australia for their MTV Trippers series.  I’ve returned having overindulged in pineapples (the fruit and the emoji), ridiculously clear blue waters and temperatures that feel like they’re scoring you, when you’ve been indoctrinated to consume nothing but roast potatoes, hot toddies and dozy TV Christmas specials.

With not too much going on in fash-un world yet (except for dubious rounds of Chinese whispers about Dior and Lanvin), I’d thought I’d indulge a bit more in those blue skies, with the hope of encouraging some actual blue sky thinking in my currently under-used noggin.  When you’ve been clasping your hands together and exclaiming how beautiful the sky/sea/sand/grilled prawn is, harping on about subculture-derived design movements or creative director movements.

That sense of escapism only intensified when I got to Australia and commenced my three day road trip up to Glenworth Valley with the spirited Mimi Elashiry for our MTV Trippers jaunt.  Lost Paradise was indeed, as epic as its inverted namesake poem, as you get to hear trance and house music bounce around a vast forested valley and see the stars so clearly, you’re finally able to pick out constellations (even with my own scant knowledge of astronomy).  And in between, you’re forgetting about your normal standards of city-bound hygiene and bathing in muddy creeks, walking barefoot and generally going just a little bit feral.  I didn’t get to realise my Ballet Russes bohemian costume dreams from my previous post, but thankfully Molly Goddard’s suitably voluminous dresses foraged plants from Glenworth Valley provided sufficient decoration.   In the end, it was more Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies, than Rite of Spring wildling.

2016 commenced way ahead of my friends and family back in Europe and as the moon rose up to illuminate the festival, I was about as far away from the reality of a new year as one could possibly be.  I’m now faced with the act of opening up the mind to the prospect of immediate deadlines, new projects and longer term thoughts of what 2016 might bring.  Without wanting to make a big song and dance about it, it will soon be ten years since I first started this blog.  I wasn’t going to dwell on it because it would feel like I’m jumping on the ten year anniversary bandwagon that fashion so loves to celebrate.  Still, it’s lodged into the back of my mind as a reminder that somehow, I need to get more out of this year than other ones, because a decade ago, 2006 was such a brilliant beginning.  Now, if only the skies were actually blue in London for longer than a few hours.

IMG_0104Swimming out in Astrid Andersen at Sri Panwa


IMG_1918Sunrise at Sri Panwa 

IMG_1927Pondlife from Sri Panwa


IMG_9992Wearing Off-White x Ssense t-shirt and Prada sunglasses



IMG_9880Caves of Phang Nga Bay


IMG_0077Feeling little next to James Bond Island


IMG_2045Heart this pic by our canoe boatman, who rowed us around Hong Island

IMG_0024Dude anchoring down our speed boat at Koh Panyee… best sunscreen look I’ve ever seen

IMG_0042Panyee Island

IMG_0055Gooooo Panyee F.C.



IMG_2043Wearing Vivienne Westwood swimsuit and Prada sunglasses on Naka Beach


IMG_2199Inside Sri Panwa’s Cool Spa

IMG_0179Wearing Auria swimsuit in Maya Bay

IMG_0219Viking Cave on Phi Phi Leh

IMG_0257Wearing painted Luke Brooks t-shirt, Marco de Vincenzo sunglasses and Loewe ‘Elephante’ bag

IMG_0238Monkey Beach by Phi Phi Leh

IMG_0279My poor slash first attempt at underwater photography 

IMG_0359Louis Vuitton Twist ‘MM’ bag sitting on the edge of Sri Panwa’s in-room pool


IMG_2192Wearing Mother of Pearl sandals on Sri Panwa beach

IMG_0449Landing in Sydney



IMG_0446Prints by Karen Burmese and Eloise Rapp for Social Outfit in New Town, Sydney


IMG_0451Accessories at Social Outfit 

IMG_0474Looking out at Hawkesbury River, wearing Astrid Andersen robe and Craig Green shorts

IMG_0529Riding Mexico down in Glenworth Valley, wearing We are Handsome body, Chanel shorts and Nike x Liberty Air Rift shoes

IMG_2294The secret waves of Little Beach in Bouddi National Park


IMG_3898Wearing vintage Kansai Yamamoto top, vintage pleated dress and Miu Miu sunglasses


IMG_3969Wearing Topshop crop top and shorts from Phuket

IMG_2272Lost Paradise nestled in the vastness of Glenworth Valley


IMG_4048The ‘Arcadia’ stage of Lost Paradise






IMG_4057Sitting down to my first cacao ceremony and hoping for a high

IMG_4066Getting into the moment… Wearing Miu Miu resort 2016 dress and earrings


IMG_4088Wearing Molly Goddard dress with Loewe ‘Elephante’ bag for Eve of New Year’s Eve 

IMG_2335Jamie xx 


IMG_2357Canoeing down in Glenworth Valley

IMG_2367A natter with Mimi down by the creek

IMG_4152Wearing vintage t-shirt and ASOS dress

IMG_4159Ready for New Year’s Eve… A headdress made out of foraged foliage from Glenworth Valley and friendship bracelets from Lost Paradise

IMG_0554Mimi the modern mermaid and me as an interpretation of Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies



IMG_0557Unicorns United… Wearing Rodarte top, Molly Goddard dress, vintage frilly shorts, xxx sandals and Loewe ‘Elephante’ bag, bracelets from Social Outfit

IMG_2352Burnished with MAC neo-orange pigment

IMG_2362Headdress abandoned

IMG_2388At the stroke of midnight… 2016

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  3. Happy new year Susie and happy 10th to Style Bubble. Thanks for publishing the blog for so long, it is a pleasure to read.

  4. Those photos are breathtaking <3

    Thanks for sharing and wish you have an awesome new year <3

    Love from Best Bags For Women

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  6. Looks like you had such an amazing trip, Susie! Thank you so much for visiting us in Newtown and featuring a little bit of The Social Outfit in your round-up. We’re utterly delighted xx

  7. Wow, seems like you have experience a wonderful trip
    I love all of your photos, amazing !!!

    And why dont take a look at some best shoes for men? xoxo

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